Mobile apps are becoming increasingly more popular, and can our phones and tablets are used for many different things; from games to business productivity apps. Fresh Concept Solutions can design apps suitable for your needs.

Various Types of Apps​

We specialise  in apps like:

  • Calendar and address book apps

  • Healthcare, health and lifestyle apps

  • Supply chain management apps

  • Digital Publishing apps

  • Location app

  • Entertainment apps

  • Mobile Messaging apps

  • Games Engines

  • Apps utilising GPS and LBS (Location Based Services)

  • Apps integrating with third-party APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Google Calendar

Why have an app?

People take 3 things with them wherever they go: keys, wallet, and phone. An app allows your client to go with their customers everywhere.

Apps are fun to use, and are really easy to obtain. They are so popular that they account for 86% of device usage time, as opposed to only 14% on the mobile web.

With an app, your customers can be part of that 86% percent, but without an app, you're missing out on being a part of that 86%.

A mobile app allows your customers to engage with you in a new and exciting way. Offering content in a new medium that is quicker and easier to use, creates more engagement.

Push notifications allow your customer to get personal access to your company's services.

Send a notification when a new post is published, or when you have a sale, new products, or upcoming events.

How Much Do Apps Cost?

There is no quick answer for this. How much does a house cost? How much is a car?

It all comes down to the complexity and content of the app. We offer a free quote, so all you need to do is fill in a questionnaire, and we should be able to come up with a price from that.

Each app is tailored to your requirements, so it depends on what you want out of it.

How Long Will It Take?


Again a difficult one to answer, as we want to make sure we get it right. You can't put a time on perfection.

What we will do, is to keep you updated through the process, so you can keep having your input.

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