• Dean Furniss

10 Things Your Website MUST HAVE

Having a website is great, but it's pointless if you don't use it to its full potential. I've decided to give you a list of things that are a must, if you want your website to generate organic traffic. So here goes:

1. Have a clear CTA (Call To Action) button. It could be CALL NOW, or ASK US FOR MORE INFORMATION. Whatever it is that you want your customers to do when they visit your website.

2. Check your Google Analytics, and when your visitors are looking at your site. This can help you plan your social media marketing, and also help you see which pages are being viewed the most. So if you see that most visits are for a certain product, you know what people are looking for.

3. SEO: search engine optimisation is vital to help Google recognise you. Keywords play a massive part in SEO, but also looking at what keywords your competitors are using, as well as having 'backlinks' from other sites. A good example of this would be YouTube and other social media platforms, or even a link from another site that you might be affiliated with.

That brings me to..

4. Videos: videos are fantastic in so many ways. Your potential clients get to see you and your products and services, and you can offer tips and tricks to your viewers. YouTube is another video, so I won't dwell on that too much right now. I will say though, it doesn't have to be a professional video... It can be one like this where you talk to your viewers and maybe tell them something interesting about your work.

5. Have at least one promotional video on your website. This can show your business on a professional level. Ask your best customers if they'd mind being interviewed about the services you've provided, and hire someone to film and edit it. You could even have an explainer video to show people what your services are. Some examples of what I mean are here

6. Make sure your site is responsive to mobiles phones. If not, then you will miss out on many clients, as so many people use phones and tablets these days.

7. Start a blog like this. Include a mixture of videos and links to other informative sites too.

You may think that blogs are dated, but you'd be wrong; writing regular content on your website blog will help you get ranked higher on Google. Make sure you add content and titles that people would search for on the internet.

8: Social Media icons: You need to direct people to your website in as many ways, and from as many places as possible. Having these on your website will help Google see that your site is active, and that people are visiting to and from your site.

9. Lead magnets: These are things that your customers could use, that you are happy to give away. A good example is an ebook. They don't have to be pages long, but they must include information that your customers want to read. See my 'List of Lead Magnet Ideas' to help you with your decisions.

10: Google My Business account: This is essential in order for Google to take you seriously as an online presence. You will need to register a Google account, and once this is done and you have your login details, follow this link to set it up. I hope you have found this information useful, and that it helps YOU to get more website traffic.

If you would like me to write a blog about anything else, just contact me with the details, and I'll do my best to get it done.


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