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How to get the most out of your website

So, you have a website, but is it performing to its full potential? I will take you through some tips and tricks that will help your website rank better on Google, and bring in more visitors.

A lot of business owners think that having website is the solution to their business, when gathering new leads. Whilst this can be true to an extent, it's not just having the presence of a website that will bring you the clients. Think of it this way...if you built a shopping centre in the middle of a desert, would you get any customers? Sure, you might get the odd person that wonders by, but that's not what you want. You want lots of people to be able to find it, so you'd start advertising in places where your potential customers would be...this is where SEO and marketing comes in. You would let people know what offers are available and want people to talk about them...this is where social media comes in.

So how do you go about letting people know more about you? Well, once your website has been designed, you need to make sure that you produce great content. I cannot emphasise this enough. Content is king, as they say. You will need to research your main competitors, and see what keywords and backlinks they use. There are free tools out there to help you with this: SmallSEOtools Semrush SpyFu

Make sure you don't copy your competitor's content. If you do, Google will know and will favour the original site, and therefore neglect yours completely. You can use this tool to see if your content is the same as anyone else's https://www.copyscape.com/. It has free and premium options. It's possible that you could accidentally write content that is exactly the same as another site. Not highly likely, but possible. So make sure.

Have as many unique images as possible

Make sure your images are unique too, and add alternative text to the image. By that, I mean name the image something that's relevant to the product or service and not just 'img2109718' or whatever. This can all be done in your CMS (backend of your website).

Use external links

Make sure you have external links to what is called High Authority websites. An example would be the government website, if your business includes working with the government, or you may have government funding. Another example would be Amazon; if you sell products through them, or have some kind of relationship with them, you should link to their site. As long as the link is to a reliable source and is related to what you do.

Make sure your internal links are working These show Google that your pages are active and people can link from one page to another within your website. An example of this might be that you mention one of your products on the homepage, so you should have a hyperlink to that product/service.

Here's an example: 'So you want a website designing, as well as other design work, like a promo video? Contact us for more details'.

If you would like to know more about SEO, and how it can help your online business grow, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Remember, if you wish for me to do this for you, my services are for hire, providing I have the time. If not, I will advise you in the best possible way.


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