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Learn SEO - the basics

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

You know how important SEO is right? But you're wondering how you can do it yourself? Here's your help...

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation may seem a daunting concept, but the basics are really simple.

"Keywords, blogs and backlinks are valuable in SEO"

SEO can be quite enjoyable and interesting, but it’s not as easy to do consistently if you have other work to be getting on with. A lot of consistent effort is required if good results are what you require for your business to survive. This is why companies make a living off of this.

1: Create a blog like this. Keep it updated regularly, and the fresh words in your website will help boost your website ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines.

2: Interact with others on social media platforms, comment on their post or blogs, get involved with conversations and have an input, and every now and then drop your company name and/or links to your website or social media platforms, so others can link to them.

3: Keywords that are relevant to your business or services need to be added to your website. make sure they are popular ones, so look at your competitors that are high on Google, and see what words they use.

4: Backlinks to other sites are very important. Having your website links on other websites are good ways to get recognised by search engines.

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