• Dean Furniss

Why you need a website

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Hi guys. This is my very first blog and I want to start sharing with you, all the things I've learnt (and still learning) in the field of web and graphic design, corporate videos and more.

So, why DO you need a website? Well that's very simple to answer; if you own a business and you have a product or service to sell, then you need to make sure the world (or at least your target audience) knows about it. Well that's the 'in a nutshell' reason, but here are more reasons...

1. It is your online shop window and brochure:

You have all these companies spending so much cash on their printed marketing, which usually gets thrown into the rubbish bin, or lost in all the other mail that you have delivered. With a website you can display what you have on offer, and can reach more people with little cost.

More to follow...please be patient. I am human after all :)


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