A website is the shop window of your business, which is why it is important that you keep your design and features up-to-date. We can help.

A website is a valuable tool for your business, but you also need to make it known to people.

An intranet is a very useful tool for your employees to use, which can help with training and providing links to company news and events.

Website Design

We create user-friendly website designs, which are designed to suit your needs.

Fresh Concept will work with you, to get to know your business, and target audience in order to effectively recommend a solution.

With technology ever-improving, there's no doubt that a website is the least of what your business needs to have. You need to let people know what it is that you do, but also you need to be able to interact with them, and therefore must use all these technologies to generate new leads.

The amount of trade being done on the web grows year on year, and so a strong online presence must be paramount for any organisation wishing to grow in their market.

Its purpose can be to attract new customers, retaining your existing ones and often, both. It is highly recommended that you invest in your online presence.

Before developing any website, we make sure we understand the client's business.  Only then do we start designing or redeveloping your website.

A few samples:





E-Commerce Websites

Whether you’re an established business looking to improve your online conversions, or you’re in the early stages of selling online, we can help you.

Selling through the web, emails and social media offers you massive potential.

As we become more tech-savvy and search engines constantly changing, there comes increasing competition, and the greater need for e-commerce businesses to be dynamic.

Especially with the GDPR law, which means you can't contact consumers without their permission. So having a dynamic e-commerce website is the way to go. You need to attract business from now on.


See my blog here


Social media will also be a great help for linking people to your website and offers that you have.

Domain & Hosting

We provide domain and hosting services to our Indian partner Pofco Solutions, to provide you with efficient and top quality support. Our expert team of support engineers are available round the clock 24/7 on ticket, email and chat support. Our specialised team of system administrators are tech-savvy professionals, who are adept at rendering top notch quality support to our customers.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

So, what is a website content management system?
A website content management system (usually shortened to just "CMS"), allows you to update the text and images on your website with ease - by logging in, clicking a link or two, typing something and pressing 'Save'.

A CMS means you can edit your website without having to pay your designer to maintain it.

CMS websites are also databases.

CMS's must also have some method of authentication - meaning that you have to login with your email or username, and a password in order to use it.

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